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An antidote to inflation

An antidote to indexation of your business rent! buy your offices 😊

In Belgium, inflation will reach 12% in October and around 7% over the last 12 months.

Here is a comparison between the cost of renting and acquiring a professional space.



Your rent will be indexed between 10 and 12% in 2022! To measure the impact, here is a concrete example:

For example, your company has rented a 300 m2 office space on 1 September 2021. Your base rent was €100/m2/year, i.e. €30,000/year.

If inflation continues to be around 10% by October 2023, your rent will be €36,565 in October 2023.

Test it yourself, here's how to index your rent in a few clicks:



If you take the same example, and buy this 300 m2 area today at a price of €1,500/m2, i.e. €450,000, this is what it will cost you.

Fixed rate of 2.5%, term of 15 years, here is what your annual payment would be: €35,935/year

In 15 years, you will own a property whose debts have been fully repaid (with the possibility of resale or pledge for another loan).

So yes, comparison is not reason, an acquisition requires 25 to 30% equity, which companies do not have at the moment.

Here is the link to calculate your own credit:

And if you are looking for an honest and efficient banker for your company, I recommend Alain Felis, AXA Banque:


Our advice, buy if you can or renegotiate the financial terms of your lease with our help. Read our 4 tips for renegotiating your rent:


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