Let us do it! We search for you

Let us do it! We are looking for the right surface for you

As you know, there are a lot of investors on the market, but good products are rare.

We are creators of opportunities and have a real hunting soul.

Why entrust us with a hunting mission?

  1. We defend your interests and we do not accept any other fees or benefits.
  2. We know how to negotiate better, and we know all the tricks of the trade
  3. We have a precise knowledge of the Belgian market
  4. We master the commercial, legal, fiscal, and technical aspects of a real estate transaction
  5. We are experienced in share deals
  6. Our team can hunt for off-market properties or companies, create favorable opportunities by communicating with banks, public authorities, schools, promoters, notaries, chambers of commerce and collaborate with our colleagues. In this way, you will have new opportunities in our estimation.
  7. We have a fixed remuneration, but a good part of our fees are made up of a variable remuneration based on a percentage of the savings that we make you realize.
  8. No results, no fees

Of course, in return for our commitment to your side, we ask for an exclusive partnership, because we will be at your side in a process of several months and we will invest time and therefore money.

This partnership is in no way incompatible with the contacts already established or to come, quite the contrary. The objective is to benefit from all the efforts and good wills as a leverage effect.

Concretely, how much will it cost you:

  • Asset deal :
    2% excl. VAT of the sale price + 10% of all savings.
  • Share deal :
    2% incl. VAT of the agreed value of the real estate asset (not the book value) + 10% of all savings.

If your contacts bring a property :

  • We reduce the fees by 50% for any owner or fund with whom there was a contact prior to the signing of the search mission and conclusion of a pre-agreement within 4 months.
  • We reduce the fees by 30%, if the conclusion of a pre-agreement takes place between 4 and 8 months.
  • We reduce the fees by 20%, if the conclusion of a pre-agreement takes place between 8 and 12 months.

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