Investing in professional real estate, a good or bad idea? - Investir en immobilier professionel

Investing in professional real estate, a good or bad idea?

Investing in real estate, a good or bad idea?

Here is our opinion !

Professional real estate ? Yes, if it's a diversification of your assets. No, if it is your first purchase.

Residential real estate ? Yes, but beware of unplanned work.

Purchase of shares in a real estate company ? Yes, if you are cash or able to provide mortgage-free real estate. You must surround yourself with a team of advisors for this!

And what do we do for you in all this?

  • We advise you about a property you have identified.
  • We help you find the perfect property.

And then... the Due Dill

What is a Due Dill Mr. Agent ?

  • The technical audit of the building; our experts will be at your side
  • The estimation of the renovation works
  • Examination of the potential of the building: for example, adding a floor
  • Analysis of the urbanistic situation
  • Analysis of the possibility of soil pollution
  • The seller's score: do your interlocutors have the possibility to commit the decision to sell the building? Beware of the husband and uncle who decide for the real owners. Let's think here of undivided ownership, of people who are legally incompetent, of a couple in the process of divorce, of a succession...
  • Analysis of leases
  • Analysis of the owner's indebtedness
  • Advice for the choice of the best investment vehicle: in own name, in company?
  • And within the framework of the purchase of company shares, tax, social and technical analysis, and verification of the risks of current or future litigation

By calling on us, you will have a clear and precise vision of the investment products and the pitfalls to be avoided during their acquisition.

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