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Professional building assessment and property valuation

Summary evaluation of the rental and sale value of a professional building

You don't need a complete report with an exhaustive study, the summary evaluation is the approach you need.

It is offered if it leads to a sale or rental mission. If not, an estimate is invoiced at 350 € excluding VAT for a rental and 550 € excluding VAT for a sale.


Independent valuation

We are experts in the valuation of office, industrial and commercial buildings in Belgium.

Do you want an exhaustive and independent valuation of your building or your professional real estate assets?

Contrary to the majority of appraisal offices, we are specialized only in professional real estate or in commercial buildings of at least 3 lots.

Our rates fluctuate according to the importance and complexity of the case: between 2 and 5/1000 of the value of the building with a minimum of 1.850 € excluding VAT for a professional building 850 € excluding VAT for a building of report.

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