Professional real estate investment - purchase of shares in an asset management company - Pourquoi faire appel a nous

Selling your building, your patrimony, why call us ?

Sell your property, your assets, or your patrimonial company, why call on us?

Everyone will tell you they are the best, yes, but we are 😊

Joking aside, we are here to make the bride as beautiful as possible, to ensure you legal security, as well as the best price.

It is precisely on this last point that you will avoid negotiations that are as cruel as they are costly.

What will we do for you ?

  • Estimate the property correctly
  • Propose possible cosmetic work and/or "home staging".
  • Examine the potential of the building: for example, add a floor or convert the building
  • Analysis of the urban situation
  • Analysis of the leases; a loophole can cost you dearly in the negotiation
  • And within the framework of the purchase of company shares, the fiscal, social, and technical analysis, and the verification of the risks of current or future litigation

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