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How to choose your building

The location

We are here to share our expertise to advise you in these matters.


In town


If you are in the production sector and you need unskilled labor, it will be more available in an urban area than in an industrial park.

If you have a short circuit production, a central location will be more efficient.



Except for managing last mile logistics, setting up in a city is not the best option.

Why not? The urban environment is complex for delivery by truck. Think about the parking of delivery vehicles and the maneuvering area they need.

Also consider the noise nuisance if you deliver at night.

Environmental permits are more demanding in their criteria.


In an industrial zone

This is probably the solution that will suit most people.

Accessibility, maneuvering and unloading area, all criteria are checked.

Keep in mind that the following criteria should be at the heart of your considerations.

Proximity to a city, a road, rail or river junction or an airport.

Also think about the fiscal aspects, subsidies, and the language factor.


Technical aspects

The following points should be part of your reflection:

  • Height under beam and headroom
  • Dimensions of the sectional doors
  • Unloading dock with or without leveler
  • Floor overload
  • Insulation and heating
  • Type of delivery vehicles


General condition

If you are buying an industrial building, you should pay particular attention to possible traces of pollution and to the environmental criteria of the area

We are here to share our expertise and to advise you in these matters.

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