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Real estate hunting

Are you interested in finding the best location with the best conditions for your business?

Yes, right?

Your location decision is influenced not only by real estate market factors, but also by fundamental business factors such as employee attraction and retention, workplace productivity, proximity to the workforce and alignment with your image.

Our tenant representation professionals take a holistic approach, from situation analysis to project implementation to options development, to find the optimal location for your business. Our mastery of the Belgian market ensures that every decision and negotiation reflect the most up-to-date information available.

By leveraging our collective intelligence, we will identify your current and future real estate needs by evaluating financial, environmental, operational, and quality criteria.

Here are some good reasons to use our agents:

  1. We represent the interests of tenants and buyers to the owners, and we do not receive any other commission or interest.
  2. We are able to negotiate by knowing the tricks of the trade. We master better than you the commercial, legal, fiscal, and technical aspects of a real estate transaction.
  3. It goes faster, we know where to look for information including our colleagues and all the actors of the market.
  4. Priority access to off-market properties
    Our team can hunt for off-market properties, create the opportunity by communicating to the market, developers, notaries, chambers of commerce and collaborate with our colleagues. This way you will have priority on properties that are not yet on the market.

Is it expensive?! Not really! We have a fixed remuneration, but a good part of our fees are made up of a variable remuneration based on a percentage of the savings that we make for you.

Why pay an agent when it is customary in Belgium for the owner to pay the agent? This is the price of independence and impartiality. We reject any idea of conflict of interest.

Rest assured, in Belgium, agents are bound by a strict code of ethics and a duty to inform consumers.

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